Construction Technology

We work with our technology partners to bring you solutions that improve your construction operations through software and hardware that supports every phase of your project. Through a robust suite of technology solutions, we help our general construction, forestry, and quarry customers improve their safety, efficiency, and productivity.

finning customer portal

The Finning Customer Portal is an online service that makes it easier to access our Finning business transactions and utilize performance solutions that impact safety, sustainability, productivity, and cost.

Our Customer Portal Sustainability Dashboard gives you the insights you need to win more bids, optimize your operations, evaluate your performance against industry averages, and boost your bottom line.

VisionLink 3.0

Visionlink 3.0 is an asset management platform that provides a central location for machine health, maintenance, and productivity data across their fleet.

VisionLink can assist with machine hours reporting, maintenance planning, fleet utilization, carbon emissions, cost and productivity reporting, and idle time notifications. Data can be aggregated by asset, project, machine class, or business segment to get resolution managers need to make data driven decisions. This technology is interoperable with other OEM brands and third-party vendors.

Cat Technologies

Cat Command Cat Command
Cat Command

Command is a remote-control, semi-autonomous and autonomous solution designed to revolutionize site safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Command enhances operator safety by eliminating exposure to on-site hazards, optimizes machine utilization and efficiencies through remote connectivity and machine to operator ratios, minimizes operational costs with remote capabilities, and diversifies employment avenues by extending opportunities to a broader talent pool of operators.

Edge Edge

MineStar Edge is a scalable subscription and cloud based fleet monitoring platform that offers live equipment tracking and production recording for data analysis on operations. This platform is intended for quarry or construction sites and allows for changes in subscription levels depending on the features needed. 

Edge collects the production data that is important to an operation without the need to have operators watching over it and is designed to fit the operations needs by choosing what features Edge provides.

Detect Detect

Cat MineStar Detect not only provides a 360° view around the machine increasing an operator’s visibility and awareness of their surroundings, but also monitors and alerts the operator of fatigue and distraction events while the machine is in operation.

The MineStar Detect suite of products is designed to provide awareness that protects people and assets while machine are operating, driving the safety culture of 'Everyone goes home safe today’.

Cat Grade Cat Grade

Cat Grade

Cat Grade is designed to provide operators with the ability to finish simple and complex earthworks projects with speed and precision by combining automated machine control features with advanced guidance systems.

Customers use Grade control technologies to ensure that their operators achieve target grade more efficiently without the constant use of survey stakes.

VisionLink Productivity VisionLink Productivity

VisionLink Productivity

VisionLink Productivity is designed for small to mid-sized operations looking to monitor and increase productivity of their load and haul fleets.

VisionLink Productivities cloud platform allows customers to monitor the amount of material moved and utilization per asset or per fleet remotely from any internet connected device.

Payload Payload


Cat Payload Management Systems are designed to monitor the weight that is being loaded/hauled to improve your fleet productivity and reduce your operating costs.

Cat Payload Management Systems give you peace of mind that machines are being loaded to the target payload, decreasing the chances of under/over loaded machines.

Condition Monitoring  Condition Monitoring 

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring, an integral service included in our CVA agreements, ensures that you receive immediate alerts. These timely notifications are designed to aid in the identification of potential component failures, allowing pre-emptive action to be taken.

Condition Monitoring empowers your team with the knowledge of emerging issues, even in the absence of constant equipment supervision. Detailed reports and alerts serve as your vigilant eye, promptly notifying you of any potential concerns.

Support Support

The Finning Technology Support team are dedicated experts who work with your team to ensure these systems operate at peak performance, providing safety, efficiency, and site optimization at all times.

Customers benefit from our support by experiencing improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced safety protocols, and superior site optimization—all leading to increased productivity and profitability while allowing them to focus on their core mining operations with the assurance that their technology is expertly supported.

Training Training

Our comprehensive training program covers the entire suite of products—Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health, and Command.

It is tailored to specific job roles, aiming to enhance users' effectiveness and efficiency in their daily tasks, while providing flexible scheduling options to boost productivity, efficiency, and safety within your operations.

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