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Our SOS Customer Portal is the industry-leading, complete web-based management system that provides enhanced monitoring and management for all equipment fluid analysis samples.

Using our SOS Customer Portal, you can access Finning Fluid Analysis results for your equipment whether that’s for a single unit or an entire fleet.

Some of the benefits of the SOS Customer Portal include:

• A dashboard view helps identify items requiring immediate attention
• Start two-way conversations with a Finning expert
• View sample details, sample actions, and equipment/component history
• Sample pre-registration/label generation
• Ability to edit and reprint pre-registered samples
• Manage your equipment and fluid maintenance
• Access the portal from any device
• All SOS information will be integrated with VisionLink 

Access your Finning Fluid Analysis Results at any time, from anywhere, on any device. To register or learn more about our SOS Customer Portal, give our team a call: 1-888-346-6464.

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