High Impact / High Abrasion Applications

Choosing the right work tool and Ground Engaging Tools for your application can easily lower your operating costs and improve your productivity. Whether you are excavating ore, loading sand stone, dozing broken slag or grading high silica sand, you need the right balance of penetration and wear life. CatÒ Ground Engaging Tools are designed to perform in the toughest applications.

Cat Abrasion Resistant Material (A.R.M.)

Cat A.R.M. is a coating that forms a protective shield over key wear surfaces of G.E.T. Made up of hard tungsten carbide particles, the coating is proven to dramatically extend G.E.T. wear life and lower whole life costs.

To ensure you have the right G.E.T durability, select your machine below to discover our range of tips and parts that will withstand wear and fatigue during your high impact and high abrasion application.

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Need help choosing the right durability for your application?

View our application chart to help you match your G.E.T. options against your application.


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