Control Costs

Control Your Costs

Improve profitability 

Your cost of doing business is dependent on everything from equipment health and operator skills to terrain and planning. Moving the right material in the best way possible, with the highest uptime is no easy task. From monitoring operator performance, through fuel burn and payload technologies, to delivering a preventative maintenance strategy, our experts can support all areas of the jobsite and equipment performance, reducing total cost of operation.

Equipment Management Solutions

  • Increase uptime through asset optimisation and health monitoring.

Monitoring machine health, planning for preventative maintenance and reacting to equipment repairs, is all part of our package of solutions, available through Finning Equipment Management Solutions. By combining our expertise with solutions from Caterpillar, we can keep your assets operating at the highest level.

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Productivity Solutions

Your operators can make or break your business. Do they have the right skills and best practices to make you successful? By combining data from our performance monitoring solutions our experts work with you to identify opportunities for training and fleet mix enhancements:
  • Assess operator skill levels & current fleet mix performance
  • Recommend fleet mix enhancements
  • Identify and deliver relevant training to operators & managers
  • Monitor results for continuous improvement


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Safety Solutions

  • Build a safety-first culture to minimise costly incidents resulting from fatigue and distraction.
  • Avoid fines for unsafe conditions or practices. 

Operator fatigue or distraction is the main cause of asset damage. With equipment repairs and downtime capable of causing significant additional costs, building a safety‑first culture around operators and machines can deliver a significant payback. Through solutions provided by Finning and expert analysis of your data, repair costs can be reduced, protecting your bottom line. 

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Enabling Technologies

Cat Detect for Personnel

Cat Detect

Protecting against accidents and site downtime, Cat Detect improves operator awareness of the work environment. It also helps you to prevent unauthorised use of equipment, reducing the risk of damage to your machines

  • Decrease costs associated with lost time, lost production, equipment damage and unauthorised use. 

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Machine Grade Control

Grade Control

Gives your operators greater functionality, with automated machine functions, supporting faster and first time grading

  • Save fuel and component wear, thanks to fewer passes to obtain the correct grade
  • Reduce the number of engineers and surveyors required onsite
  • Achieve project goals faster, reducing onsite time and machine hire costs

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Payload Measurement

Payload Measurement

Real-time in-cab readings eliminate the need for weighbridges, while improving accuracy and speed, optimising the payload carried by each machine.

  • Reduce the number of equipment movements and component wear, tire damage and haul road
  • Avoid overweight fines and reduce the risk of accidents with safe and accurate loading
  • Reduce fuel costs by optimising loading passes and wait times.

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Compaction Control

Compaction Control

Advanced measurements and real-time guidance inside the cab, helping your operators achieve higher compaction quality in fewer passes.

  • Cut fuel costs, machine and labor hours, whilst reducing component wear.
  • Information can also be used to identify problems and reduce reworking,  lowering material costs

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Cat Product Link and Visionlink

Cat Link​

Knowing where your assets are, how they’re performing and what steps to take to optimise production can streamline a whole jobsite and the costs associated with efficient productivity. 

  • Monitoring equipment usage and idle time reduces fuel burn
  • Increase asset utilisation through better planning and optimisation, increasing efficiency
  • Match fleet performance to identify unproductive equipment.
  • Avoid downtime through machine health monitoring and preventative maintenance
  • Reduce working hours to increase asset lifecycle asset value ​

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