Improve Operator Performance

Improve Operator Performance

Develop operator capabilities through training and technology

Your operators can make all the difference to a jobsite, its overall performance, safety and efficiency. Supporting & developing your operators at every skill level, is therefore essential to increasing the productivity achieved on the jobsite.

With a global shortage of experienced operators and an aging operator community investing time in their training is vital; combined with enhanced digital capabilities through new technologies, from Caterpillar and Trimble, your most valuable commodity, your people, just became even more valuable!

Equipment Management Solutions

  • Expert advice on using asset data to identify training opportunities to improve your operators’ performance
  • Ongoing performance reporting and benchmarking to monitor progress to maintain operator performance levels 

Because we support customers in a wide variety of applications across the world, we have captured equipment performance data from thousands of different jobsites. By analysing this data our experts from Finning Equipment Management Solutions can advise on a whole range of on-machine or retrofit technology solutions, that can identify training and improve operator performance.

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Productivity Solutions

  • Learn how to align and fleet match assets to get optimal productivity from every operator.
  • Monitor performance to drive continuous operator performance  and site efficiency.

Effective fleet matching is the first step to increasing your productivity. How fleets of equipment are operated, is core to what makes all the difference. Our Finning Productivity experts, can match your equipment and technologies to support best operator performance.

When followed up with specific training focused on optimising these technologies, operator performance can be enhanced dramatically. 

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Safety Solutions

  • Technology solutions to keep your operators safe
  • Supporting your safety-first culture and enhancing operator performance

Operator fatigue and distraction is a very real safety concern faced by many site managers today, this is why we are supporting more customers than ever before, with advice and technology driven Cat® Safety solutions, that protect operators and drive a safety‑first culture.

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Enabling Technologies

Cat Product Link and Visionlink

Cat Link​

Gathers data and information on asset performance helping to support operators at every level improve safety and performance. 

  • Operator performance monitoring, supports best practice and opens up training opportunities.
  • Operator teams work together sharing experience to improve overall performance, whilst reducing idle times. 

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Machine Grade Control

Grade Control

Is the in-cab support that is revolutionising operator performance and control, by using automated programmable functionality to improve grading

  • Help operators achieve grade faster, whilst reducing joystick movements
  • Reporting functionality and real-time information on in-cab screens dramatically improve efficiency by up to 50% versus traditional methods.
  • Programmable controls simplify machine operation,  reducing operator input and fatigue.

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Payload Measurement

Payload Measurement

Increases operator safety by eliminating overloading using real-time displays and audible alarms. Reduces machine movement using onboard weighing instead of weighbridges, speeding up cycle times and accuracy.

  • Improves operator payload visibility through in-cab displays
  • Reduces operator cycle times and increases production.
  • Supports operator training and overall safety

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Cat Compaction Control

Compaction Control

Gives operators the information they need in real-time to confirm when compaction levels have been achieved, recording information to support in-cab displays.

  • Puts the power in the operators hands to self monitor compaction, achieving targets faster, without the need to rework. 
  • Reduces idle time waiting for surveyor support to confirm compaction

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Cat Detect for Personnel

Cat Detect

Improves operator awareness of the work environment, reducing the chance of accidents. It also helps prevent unauthorised use of equipment.​

  • Increase operator visibility and confidence in any worksite conditions.​

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