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Combining safety, productivity and efficiency, is key to delivering a profitable return on the people, equipment and technology investments mining operators need to make. Being efficient is all about matching the right equipment with the best trained operators and exceptional machine uptime, to achieve the lowest cost per tone.  When it comes to boosting productivity, technology led fleet management and our expert consultancy services, combine to optimise sites including insights into haul roads and much more .

With expert support across all mining operations, from drilling, blasting, loading, hauling and the management of materials, we can provide a range of safety driven solutions that supports your exceptional performance.

Cat MineStar

Cat®MineStar technology links machines in real-time to mine management staff, delivering a comprehensive, integrated and scalable solution, that gives teams like yours the information needed, to effectively manage industry operations of any size, type or complexity.

Real-time information from Cat®MineStar allows you to do much more than just fleet management, with material tracking, equipment health monitoring and even the management of autonomous equipment systems.  With five distinctive capabilities to build up your own Cat®MineStar solution, you can choose how to make your operation more efficient, productive, and safe.

MineStar Solutions

Cat MineStar Fleet


Analyses operational and equipment data up and down your value chain—so you can run a leaner operation and improve everything from equipment scheduling and material movement to fuel monitoring and cycle times. 

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Cat MineStar Terrain


Gives you and your operators guidance tools and live feedback to boost utilisation, reduce variability and work according to plan—so you can drill, dig, load and grade more safely, accurately, consistently and efficiently

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Cat MineStar Detect


Helps prevent collisions and increase operator confidence—so you can send people home safely and reduce the costs of lost time and damaged equipment.

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Cat MineStar Health


Delivers machine condition data for your fleet—so you can minimise small problems while they’re still small, run machines as efficiently as possible for as long as possible and keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.

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Cat MineStar Command


Lets you apply the right level of automation, from operator assistance and remote control to semi- and full autonomy—so you can keep your people safe, your operation efficient and your equipment running.

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Machine Security Systems

Why bother to track your equipment AFTER it has been stolen! Protect it from being stolen in the first place by installing the Cat® Machine Security System (MSS). You can protect your Cat® and other brands of equipment against theft with MSS. This Caterpillar designed system guards against theft by disabling the starting system when a potential thief is attempting to steal it using the standard Caterpillar key. Only an MSS key with your unique code will allow the machine to start. And, because MSS is integrated into the electronics, thieves cannot bypass it to start your equipment.

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