MineStar Health

Comprehensive Health, Event Monitoring and Maintenance Management

MineStar Health allows you to build a picture of each asset’s health, throughout its lifecycle. This is achieved by monitoring, managing, and analysing equipment information, including trending data, failures, excessive wear rates, temperatures, overloading, and degrading operating conditions. With sensors throughout machines combining with fluid samples and engineering records, you have all the information you need to optimise your equipment performance.

Because MineStar Health data is available in real-time or stored in an historical database, site operators can benefit from advanced data analysis, helping to support site specific preventative maintenance programs in partnership with our experts. This in turn increases machine availability and can even support decision making when looking to either replace or rebuild assets. 

In order to improve your site’s efficiency and  lower operating costs, MineStar health can help:

  • Prevent component failures
  • Extend component life
  • Reduce unexpected breakdowns
  • Monitor equipment health across your fleet
  • Plan for service procedures around your production schedule
  • Improve overall maintenance practices

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