Motor Grader

Whilst the dozers and scrapers define the rough grade, motor graders are designed to achieve a highly accurate fine grade in the construction of dirt and gravel haul roads, preparation of the base course for paved roads, as well as the leveling of native soils and gravel foundations in construction applications. Able to produce inclined and cambered side slopes as well as flat surfaces, the CatÒ motor grader offers the unique ability to prepare the ground to a high specification.

With the point of contact with the ground defining the finish quality of the grade, selection of your Ground Engaging Tools is critical for enhancing productivity, efficiency and reliability.

The curved blade is wide and shallow to push and carry material, leveling the ground as it goes to provide a rolling action necessary for fine grading and finishing work. The flat blade provides maximum strength to material for heavy road maintenance and pioneering, whilst the rear ripper loosens tough rocky or compacted material to make grading easier. 

Three factors to consider:

  • STRENGTH - The ability to withstand digging and penetrating shocks and high breakout forces.
  • PENETRATION - The ability to penetrate tough material when it’s tightly compacted, rocky or frozen.
  • WEAR LIFE - The ability to withstand wearing, scouring and abrasive action of the material being handled.

Both blade and ripper have to balance ground penetration and wear life. Too much wear material on the G.E.T. can reduce productivity, increase fuel burn and reduce finish quality in low impact or low abrasion applications due to increased friction against the material. However, insufficient wear material can cause downtime and excessive wear on major components. Cat motor grader G.E.T. are designed as a balanced system to increase life and productivity while minimising drag and fuel burn.

Low Impact / Low Abrasion

Reconditioning or finish grading and existing road surface


Medium Impact / Medium Abrasion

Grading hard, compacted gravel, frozen earth and ice


High Impact / High Abrasion

Developing roads, pioneering or performing heavy ground maintenance.


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