Cork Internet eXchange


Cork Internet eXchange


Cork, Ireland

Customer Requirement

Generator for emergency backup power


Detailed design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance, genuine parts supply

Power Need

Cork Internet eXchange (CIX) is the largest commercial data centre outside of the Dublin region.The facility requires a reliable backup power supply to ensure complete power continuity in the event of mains power failure. CIX was running on a single backup generator and wished to move to a dual redundant generator platform.


The objective was to achieve a Tier III design certification equivalent,which requires the electrical backup system to sustain operations during a power outage. As part of the design, a second generator was required in case a critical component should fail on the first generator.

Finning specified and supplied a 900kVA Cat® 3412 diesel generator, continuous rated for emergency backup.

As the generator was to be located on the roof of the facility, available space and the proximity to residential areas needed to be considered.Size constraints meant the set needed to provide the power required by the site but in a small footprint. The design also required a modification to the position of the fuel cap to allow ease of filling.A double skinned bunded diesel tank with leak detection was fitted to stop fuel penetrating the roof area in the event of a leakage. The generator was enclosed in a weatherproof,sound attenuated enclosure. These robust enclosures are designed to resist corrosion and reduce sound levels. Finning designed, delivered, offloaded,positioned, installed and commissioned the system.


Uptime Institute - the global data centre authority, - requires that gensets be rated for an unlimited number of hours. A certificate was issued for this specific requirement based on altitude and regional climate conditions.Finning will provide ongoing maintenanceincluding servicing and genuine parts supply.The new genset is 2dB quieter, has a 20% higher step load capability and better fuel consumption than our existing model. Finning have demonstrated excellent attention to detail, technical knowledge and have communicated with me throughout the process.We have received planning permission to double the size of our data centre, with construction commencing in 2015. We will be engaging with Finning on their resilient power systems for this extension.