Engineering Interns

Finning Intern Scheme

Invent your future at Finning and join our Engineering Intern scheme. We are looking for diverse talent and students coming up to their 3rd year who are on track to graduate with a minimum of a 2:2 or above. We can support you in giving you a year in service. We also have an under-representation of women in engineering and would welcome applications from interns who identify as women who meet the criteria.

How Long?

Our scheme is usually for 12 months with a view to employing Interns once they have completed their degree at University. We offer graduates excellent progression and will support you in working on real life problems to help you relate to the degree you are studying.

Why Join Our Scheme?

Interns will learn about our unique business and work on exciting projects as Engineers. This is usually within electric power generation. To find out more about this please visit this page. Interns are also paid, we do not expect interns to work for free. On our scheme, you will work with some very experienced engineers. By the time you have completed your internship, your knowledge of industry will be broad. Our team will treat you as a valuable team member, and will give you the support, training and guidance you need. We will also provide you with an assigned mentor who will provide you with expert advice when you need it.

Am I Eligible?

We have intern roles available in Cannock and Dublin so you would need to be able to commute to these locations and have completed your 2nd year at university. We would also encourage you to come back to us once you graduate.

Meet our Interns and hear what they have to say

Luke Harron

Here at Finning, I am the main Intern Project Engineer. A lot of my job is completing checklists and making sure the documents around those checklists are scanned and uploaded correctly. Also, I have to look after the as-built drawing, time scheduling, manuals and ensuring documents are stored in the correct place (both online and physical docs)”

I chose to work with Finning because it was a chance to work with a well established, international company with lots of experience and a reputation for completing work to the highest standard. Dublin had always been a place I wanted to experience as well and that was also a factor in my choice to picking Finning Ireland”.

Chris Stocks

I have enjoyed the exposure to industrial design and putting into context the work I have learnt at University into a ‘real life’ scenario. An example of this being the designing of components and assemblies through the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and then following these products through fabrication, assembly and fitting onto the machines ready for use of the customer. This has given me good insight into the full manufacturing cycle and the issues that arise with this kind of work and how to overcome them through problem solving and teamwork.

The exposure to training and additional qualifications such as the machinery movement course has also been a highlight as it has furthered my understanding of the industry. I came to Finning as they are a well known brand and offer countless opportunities. I learn new things every day and this is exactly what I was looking for”.

Meet Kelly Cole, General Manager in Electric Power and hear what she has to say

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career, look no further than engineering. It has provided me, and it can provide you with the opportunities to work on projects that impact people lives, work on new technologies and work with some amazing people.  I would wholeheartedly recommend a career in engineering”.

During my apprenticeship I learnt the practical engineer skills which really help setup my career. The skills I learnt during my apprenticeship supported me during my degree in mechanical engineer and in discussion with large customers. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship program; the structure of our apprenticeship enables you to build a strong foundation of technical knowledge. Providing you with you with the knowledge and skills for an exciting career”.