Governance and Risk Committee


The mandate of the Governance and Risk Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its obligations by providing a focus on risk management processes and management and a focus on governance that will enhance corporate performance. 

The Committee assesses and makes recommendations regarding board effectiveness, including the development of annual board objectives and the implementation of annual board performance evaluations, and establishes a process for identifying, recruiting, appointing, re-appointing and providing ongoing development of directors. The Committee also assesses and makes recommendations to the Board regarding risk management processes. The Committee delegates the assessment and recommendation-making function regarding specific risks that are within the mandate of other standing committees of the Board to such other committees, which will then report directly to the Board on such risks.

The Board continues to have overall responsibility for risk oversight, which is the process for determining that the corporation has an appropriate process in place for managing its significant risks and is improving that process continuously as the corporation’s business environment changes.

Committee Membership

Name Independent
Nancy Tower, Chair Yes
Harold (Hal) Kvisle Yes
Stuart L. Levenick Yes
Charles F. Ruigrok Yes
Manjit K. Sharma Yes

The Committee membership must be comprised of a minimum of four independent directors.


The Committee met four times during 2023, with 100% attendance at all meetings. At each Committee meeting the members held sessions without management present.