Corporate Policies

As part of its oversight responsibilities, the Board has approved a number of policies to ensure employees at all levels maintain Finning’s high standards of governance:

Code of Conduct (118 KB)

Whistleblower Policy (148 KB)

Corporate Disclosure Policy (197 KB)

Code of Ethics for Senior Executive and Financial Management (148 KB)

Share Trading, Hedging and Use of Material Information (18 KB)

Global Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy (392 KB)

Global Political Contributions Policy (114 KB)

Board Inclusion and Diversity Policy (93 KB)

Global Sustainability Policy (161 KB)

Supplier Code of Conduct (155 KB)

Board Authority and Approvals Policy (137 KB)

Respect Inclusion & Diversity Policy. (203 KB)

The Code of Conduct, the Code of Ethics for Senior Executives and Financial Management and the Policy on Share Trading, Hedging and Use of Material Information are signed annually by appropriate employees in order to confirm that such employees are aware of these policies and to acknowledge that they are bound by their terms.

Complaint Procedure

File a report on an anonymous and confidential basis using the Internet or phone.

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