Burke Contracts invest in £500k worth of Cat Machines

Thursday, October 29 th, 2015

Finning UK & Ireland, the world’s largest Caterpillar® dealer, has sold £500K worth of Cat machines to Burke Contracts Ltd. in just 12 months. As one of the largest road drainage companies in South Wales, and a national provider to UK Wind Farm projects, Burke Contracts’ most recent purchase is a Cat 336F XE Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator, and the first machine to include factory integrated Cat Grade Control and Cat Production Measurement (CPM).

The Cat 336F XE was designed specifically to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent compared to the Cat 336E L/LN; Burke Contracts has confirmed it has achieved far less fuel burn, approximately 18-21 litres per hour with this 40 tonne machine.

With Cat Grade Control for Excavators, Burke Contracts controls the grade checker from within the cab, enabling real-time bucket tip elevation guidance. This has helped the operator to work more productively and accurately, and achieve consistent grades and slopes with ease. The Cat Connect Grade technology also improves site safety, as there is no need for manual grade checking or people around the machine.

Cat Production Measurement also provides real-time payload weighing to help operators understand and optimise each machine’s payload potential. With automated reporting, site managers can monitor and manage production into VisionLink®, which improves site efficiency and lowers costs.

Along with a Cat 336F XE, Burke Contracts also operates six other Cat machines; including one 329EL, two 320EL Excavators, one 311FL RB, one CB22 Roller and two CS66B Soil Compactors.

Andrew Burke, owner and director at Burke Contracts Ltd. said: “In 2015 we have purchased just under half a million pounds worth of equipment from Finning, and I’m thrilled with the level of service and flexibility Burke Contracts has received.

“What I like so much about Finning is its accessibility; I have work underway at various locations right across the UK, and Finning have 26 branches. I know that they will be on hand at any time, anywhere, unlike other plant hire dealers.”