Cat Press Launch 2016 New Cat D6K2 Dozer


The Cat® D6K2 dozer, a long-time favourite for its finish grading prowess, now features a smart suite of GRADE for Dozers technologies and an updated undercarriage design that supports even faster finish grading speeds. A Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine with twin turbochargers and new hydrostatic transmission provides the most power-dense drive train in the size class, as well as up to 17 percent better fuel efficiency over the previous model. Rated at 97 kW net, the dozer meets EU Stage IV emission standards.

 Cat Connect Technologies

Every new D6K2 dozer comes equipped with Cat GRADE features to help you control the blade so you can get more quality work done in less time. Experienced operators can work more productively and less experienced operators can achieve better quality results more quickly. These smart features are integrated right into the machine at the factory – no additional hardware or software is required.

  • Cat Slope Assist, helps operators reach target slope fast by automatically maintaining the dozer blade’s established blade angles. Finish up to 39 percent faster, with up to 68 percent better surface quality and using up to 82 percent less operator effort. (To learn more about the slop assist, watch our video here.)
  • Cat Stable Blade monitors blade movement and automatically adjusts raise and lower, in concert with the operator, to achieve a smoother grade quicker and with less effort.
  • Cat Slope Indicate displays machine cross slope and mainfall (fore/aft orientation) on the primary monitor, helping operators put the machine on a desired slope and maintain that grade throughout each pass.

For tackling more complex design plans, the D6K2 can be outfitted with optional technology features that allow customers to choose features scaled to job-site needs and budgets. These GRADE technologies combine digital design data, in-cab guidance, and automatic blade control, resulting in enhanced grade accuracy, reduced rework, and lower costs—whether the application is bulk earthmoving or finish grading.

  • Cat Grade Control 3D (available mid-2016) is an integrated grade-control system that enables operators to improve grading efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in both production dozing and fine-grading applications. The integrated design positions antennas on the cab roof, eliminating conventional blade-mounted masts and related cables. The Cat AutoCarry™ system and the AccuGrade™ Ready Option are included in the package to further boost productivity and versatility.
  • Cat AccuGrade is a dealer-installed aftermarket grade-control system that provides increased grading versatility and the ability to scale capacity to changing needs, providing a choice of lasers for 2D flat-plane and slope work, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) control for complex 3D cuts and contours, and/or systems using a Universal Total Station (UTS) for fine and finish grading. AccuGrade now utilizes components of the Slope Assist system to provide an even higher level of grading performance than was previously achievable.
  • AccuGrade Ready Option allows you to easily install or upgrade to Cat AccuGrade 2D and 3D grade-control systems to add versatility and resale value to your machine.

Cat Connect LINK technologies offer telematics to wirelessly connect users to their equipment, providing valuable insight into machine or fleet performance. Product Link™ is deeply integrated into machines, providing easy access to timely information, such as machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, and event codes. Data is available via the online VisionLink® user interface for assisting in more effectively managing the fleet and reducing operating costs.

Efficiency and Ease of Operation

The turbocharged engine powers a hydrostatic transmission for superior maneuverability, faster steering response and greater capability to utilize full blade loads. Eco Modes optimize engine speed, while maintaining ground speed, saving up to 17% fuel in lighter blade load applications like finish grading. Other improvements include:

  • New implement valve provides faster response. Electro-hydraulic controls are intuitive and precise with sensitivity adjustment – fine, medium, coarse.
  • New Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is easy to read and common across a range of Cat dozers – enables Slope Assist, and is rear-camera-ready so no additional monitor is needed.
  • Blade Power Pitch (optional) – easily adjusts the blade pitch from the cab to optimize productivity for the application.
  • New Automatic Traction Control automatically reduces track slip in poor underfoot conditions, improving productivity and finish surface quality.
  • Rear vision camera (optional) provides enhanced visibility.
  • New bi-directional control– dial preselected forward/reverse speeds for reduced effort and improved efficiency. Save the settings as operator profile for even more convenience.
  • Optional mounting bracket on the back of the machine keeps a shovel handy for quick undercarriage cleanout.


The new D6K2 meets Stage IV emission standards with emissions reduction technology that is transparent to the operator. No need to stop working for regeneration. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is conveniently refilled from ground level at the time you refuel, and the Diesel Particulate Filter is designed for the life of the engine – no need to clean out.