Drainage Boards Reach Out For New Cat 320ELs


To maintain the economically sustainable flood defence systems in the Cambridgeshire and South East Lincolnshire area, North Level District and South Holland Internal Drainage Boards have each taken delivery of a Cat® 320EL Super Long Reach Excavator from Finning.

The two new units, designed to operate in a demanding environment, will help with the cleaning and clearing of weed and silt deposits in and around the waterways of Cambridgeshire and South East Lincolnshire. The essential work will reduce the risk of flooding, enhancing the drainage environment in the surrounding area, protecting farmland, homes and wildlife.

After making contact with Finning at the Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA) Show, two specialist drainage board engineers worked closely with Finning to idenitify the most effective equipment solution which included the use of a specialist basket attachment.

Commenting on the deal, David Coney, Construction Sales Territory Manager at Finning said: “Working with the specialist engineers gave us an understanding of the challenges of water drainage management. Identifying the right machine that would match the specialist attachments was important in meeting the customer’s specification. We recommended a Cat 320EL Super Long Reach Excavator as it has the hydraulic power needed to increase productivity and reduce fuel emissions.

“The close proximity of the Finning branch in Peterborough and the level of service support we could offer played an important role in securing this deal, which has allowed Finning to expand in an important, niche market sector. Early indications and feedback show that the Cat 320EL significantly cuts down the time it takes to clear waterways which is a great result.”

This is the first time that North Level District and South Holland Internal Drainage Boards have purchased a Cat machine from Finning. The investment from both companies will provide great peace of mind to the local residents in Cambridgeshire, as water management is an increasing concern in the region.

Ed Johnson, Operation Engineer at North Level District Internal Drainage Board, said: “The removal of debris is critical to this operation and by combining a specialist basket with a Cat 320EL Super Long Reach Excavator, we are able to work on the side of the waterway safely. The prudent investment we have made in adding a Cat 320EL to our fleet will allow us to continue performing our role more effectively, making it possible for us to retain water in the summer months for irrigation of crops, whilst enhancing the drainage capabilities in areas of flood risk throughout the year.”

Andy Price, Operations Manager at South Holland Internal Drainage Board, added: “Our drainage system consists of many watercourses, pumping stations and a number of other water level control structures. Our Cat 320EL will assist with the technical and economically sustainable flood defence and ensure our watercourses properly convey flows to the pumps and structures.”