First Cat 972M XE Wheel Loader in the UK



Scottish quarrying expert, William Thompson & Son are the first UK firm to invest in the new Cat 972M XE Wheel Loader. The recent purchase has joined the Cat 336EL Hybrid Excavator, another debut UK buy, which arrived at the Dumbarton based site in December last year.

The Cat 972M XE Wheel Loader is the class leader in fuel efficiency, with XE advanced powertrain technologies enabling the 25% fuel saving for the Scottish firm. The Cat XE range has been engineered to deliver superior efficiency by utilising an integrated Cat continuously variable transmission (CVT) system, rather than the standard torque converter.

A hydraulic pump and motor (variator unit), allows for a smooth and continuous gear ratio change between engine speed and machine speed. This variator unit allows the machine to run at a much lower RPM, meaning that the functioning RPM of the XE model runs at 500 less than the standard Cat 972M. This will save William Thompson & Son an average of 4 litres of fuel for every hour the Cat 972M XE model is in use.

Commenting on the deal Andrew Thompson, Director at William Thompson & Son, said: “At William Thompson & Son we strive to be at the cutting edge of new technologies enabling us to maximise productivity and minimise cost, whilst reducing our carbon footprint. The new Cat machines are leading the way in our industry, therefore it was a simple business decision to integrate them into our fleet and benefit from the value they will add to our operation.”