Hawk Expands Cat Fleet To 164 Machines Adding Cat 730C2 Ejector Trucks

Friday 13th January 2016


National plant hire specialist, Hawk Plant Hire has increased its Cat® fleet to 164 machines, in a 34 unit deal with Finning UK & Ireland, which includes six Cat 730C2 Articulated Ejector Trucks, 16 Cat CS74B Vibratory Soil Compactors and 12 Cat 313FL GC Excavators.

Commenting on the deal, Hawk Plant Hire Director and General Manager, Paul Allman, said: “We are continually reviewing how we can provide our clients with equipment which can improve site safety, but also reduce costs through productivity increases.

“With the Cat 730C2 ejector models, the safety benefits are massive, as you completely remove the risk of the ADT skip tipping over and because the units can eject at high speed, without stopping, you also increase cycle times.

“We also dramatically reduce the workload of bulldozers and graders, as we are able to spread material out as we eject, rather than leaving it in a large pile. This in-turn increases the efficiency and productivity of other equipment. Another advantage, often overlooked, is the ability to eject material whilst the truck is on a slope, a task that cannot be done using standard dump trucks.

“The Cat 730C2 and Cat 313FL units also come with Product Link technology, which enables us to monitor the performance of each unit. We monitor data using VisionLink™ software, which allows us to see fuel efficiency and alerts us immediately if there is a fault, increasing the uptime of the machines.

“From initial experience and data we receive using the Product Link system, we have seen a dramatic increase in productivity, with less fuel burn. Feedback from the operators has also been great, as they feel a lot more comfortable performing the tasks required, using the ejector system. Equally and most importantly, our customer feedback, particularly on safety has been very positive.”

The Cat 730C2 EJ offers clean load ejection whilst on the move, which reduces the need for additional units on site, ultimately resulting in faster cycle times. The body design of the unit eliminates load retention, increasing productivity and fuel efficiency. On a health and safety point, the on-the-go ejector feature increases stability and allows load dispersal on inclines, slopes, soft ground and areas with reduced overhead clearance.


See the Cat 730C Ejector Articulated Truck in action on site with Hawk Plant Hire. The footage shows the Cat 730C ejecting at speed and on a slope.