William Thompson Cat 336EL Hybrid technology is the industry’s future

SUNDAY, MAY 03 RD, 2015


With the cost of fuel soaring, companies are looking at new technologies and thought processes for achieving greater productivity and increased uptime for a lower cost. This is where hybrid technology comes in.

Hybrid technology combines the benefits of both fuel engines and electric motors and is configured to achieve different objectives relevant to its end user.

This includes improved fuel economy, increased power or additional auxiliary power for electronic devices.

In May 2013, Finning took order of its first Cat® 336EL Hybrid excavator to be supplied to Dumbarton-based quarrying specialists William Thompson & Son Ltd.

It was identified in the negotiation process that the hybrid machine would save the company over £70,000 in fuel costs over five years of owning the Cat 336EL Hybrid.

The new model will use up to 25 percent less fuel compared to a standard Cat® 336E excavator and up to 33 percent less fuel than the Cat 330 or 336D. With fuel savings this substantial, Finning is confident that it is pioneering the way forward in providing machinery that can offer optimum performance whilst saving its customers money and being eco-friendly.

Alistair Murdoch from Finning said: “The new Cat 336EL Hybrid is a market leader in terms of delivering improved fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Since fuel is one of the most significant costs for customers in general, particularly in quarrying and heavy construction applications, we know that this machine can directly improve bottom lines. To date, feedback has been incredibly positive about the new model and I’m confident we’ll see an increase in uptake.”

Other customers can experience the significant fuel savings that William Thompson & Son Ltd will benefit from. However, it is all-dependent on fuel prices, a customer’s specific application and the number of hours a machine operates a year. It is estimated that customers can realistically expect to see a return on their investment for the hybrid excavator in just under a year.