Kelston Sparkes Continues Cat 730C2 Investment With Inboard Weighing



Kelston Sparkes, a leading South West earthworks contractor, has once again become the first UK business to complete the purchase and delivery of the latest Cat® 730C2 articulated truck model, in a connected fleet deal with Finning UK and Ireland, for six units.

The deal also makes the business the first in the UK to have a fleet of equipment with Caterpillar Production Measurement (CPM), inboard weighing technology, thanks to the addition of two new CPM enabled Cat 966M wheel loaders.

Having been the first customer to purchase a fleet of the previous Cat 730C model, launched in 2014, Kelston Sparkes was quick to take advantage of the release of the new model, with Kelston Sparkes Director, Rob Stark, saying: “Over the last two years we have been monitoring the performance of the Cat 730C units, with the help of the Finsight team and Cat ProductLink™ system. From the data and reports we have received, we can see that the machines have consistently delivered the high productivity levels we expected and need for the applications we work in.

“On a practical note, with the addition of the wet brakes on the Cat 730C2 and the overall feedback from operators that have been using the automatic retarder that features on both models, we had the confidence to further our investment in what is a well made, fuel efficient machine.

“With this purchase we also continue our investment in technology, with the adoption of the CPM system that will support our focus on productivity and safety. Using the system, we will be able to make sure all trucks are loaded efficiently and the fill on the wheel loaders buckets is optimised. All of this information will add to the Finsight reports we get and ultimately help to make us more efficient.”

In addition to the six Cat 730C2 units, Kelston Sparkes is also taking delivering of two Cat 966M wheel loaders, two Cat D6N dozers and a Cat D6T dozer, with all the dozers using Trimble 3D technology from SITECH UK and Ireland.