KJ Services purchases the Cat® 950GC Wheel-Loader from Finning UK & Ireland

K J Services, a specialist plant hirer to the construction and quarrying sector, has purchased a Cat® 950 GC Wheel Loader in a deal with Finning UK & Ireland. Adding to the company’s existing Caterpillar fleet, the machine was chosen for its strength, manoeuvrability and ease of maintenance.


The South Wales-based business purchased the Cat 950 GC in early 2019 and has now logged over 340 hours of operating time, realising both financial and operational savings. 

The wheel loader is an ideal solution for loose material handling, machine loading, general construction and stockpiling jobs. In addition, K J Services is benefitting from Cat Product Link® remote monitoring solution for fleet management, using the VisionLink® interface to monitor the machine’s usage, fuel burn and productivity. 

Jack Stephens, Plant Manager at K J Services, said: “We purchased this machine and loading shovel about three months ago and it has already proven its value. We opted for the Cat 950 GC model as a smaller and more manoeuverable alternative to the Cat 950M, which we are already familiar with. We’ve had great feedback from the operators on site, all of which have commented on the improved visibility and comfort in the cab.

“Operators are able to perform their pre-start checks more easily and quickly because all access points are at ground level. On previous machines we’ve had to sometimes lift the bonnet to perform standard tasks, which takes time, whereas the new machine helps reduce these routine tasks to a minimum.

“We also use Product Link to provide valuable insight into the machine’s performance, which helps us to cut time and costs. Every machine in our fleet, including the 950 GC is monitored to provide insight in to machine hours, fuel burn, and idle time, to name a few. The user-friendly software provides all the information we need to monitor the health, performance and productivity of our fleet.

“Any faults on the machine are flagged automatically. With the help of the support team at Finning, these faults can be analysed and remedial action taken, alongside proactive management of the machine’s ongoing performance.

“We chose Caterpillar products for their reliability, connectivity and the resale value of the machine. So much so that 99 per cent of our fleet is made up of Cat equipment.

“The Cat 950 GC has proved itself as a valuable addition to the fleet.  In just three months, the machine and system have delivered great results and we already looking to purchase additional units.”

To watch how K J Services has benefitted from the Cat 950GC, follow the link https://bit.ly/2IngIXy. For more information on Cat products or services from Finning, please visit www.finning.com