Maveric Contractors Lead The Way With Accugrade Control System

Tuesday, February 18 th, 2014

Civil engineering and surveying service company, Maveric Contractors has used the Cat® AccuGrade™ Control System on a new research and development building under construction, at Hewlett Packard in Galway, Ireland.

Based in Galway, Maveric Contractors has two Cat 330DL hydraulic excavators and a Cat D6R XW track-type tractor, which are all fitted with the Cat AccuGrade™ Control System, and currently being used to prepare the groundwork on the 90,000sq ft site.

Maurice McNamara, Managing Director of Maveric Contractors, said: “We pride ourselves in adopting traditional engineering methods and combining them with the latest technology. When we presented the Cat AccuGrade™ Control System to our client, they were impressed with the delivery of millimetre-accurate results and the increased productivity if offers.

“Whilst using this technology, we have noticed that our operating costs have reduced dramatically. This enables us to get projects completed quicker and more economically, so we’re able to take on more work as a result. It also eliminates the health and safety risks of traditional grade control methods, which included typically having someone on the ground, guiding the operator.”

The Cat AccuGrade™ Control System is a machine control and guidance system that allows operators to grade with increased accuracy, without the need for survey stakes. Digital design data, in-cab operator guidance features and automatic blade controls help the operator achieve grade faster. This delivers a higher productivity level to the customer and reduced operating costs, which will result in greater profitability.

Dave Egan, Finning Sales Representative, said: “Maintaining a consistent grade level is a very difficult challenge for even the most experienced operators and is very labour-intensive. The Cat AccuGrade™ Control System certainly raises the bar in the industry by incorporating the latest technology in to plant equipment and making it readily available for our customers.

“Businesses that are using the system are beginning to reap the rewards of improved operator productivity and machine efficiency, all of which save fuel and go to the bottom line.”

The Cat AccuGrade™ Control System is available on a number of different Cat machines.