New Cat® G3500-H Series now available from Finning

The new Cat®G3500-H series is now available from Finning UK and Ireland (Finning), helping industrial and commercial facilities dramtically improve the total cost of ownership of combined heat and power (CHP) and continuous electric power applications.

The G3512H is the third H Series product line now available for operation on natural gas fuel, offered at 1500 kWe power at 50 and 60 Hz. The new generator set is ideally suited for environments such as hospitals, data centres, manufacturing plants and greenhouses, as well as in distributed generation power plants.

Low operating costs are achieved through improved electrical efficiencies of up to 44.9 per cent for 50 Hz and 44.6 per cent for 60 Hz applications. In addition, product developments such as cuffed cylinder liners, updated valve stem sealing and increased valve train lubrication help ensure maintenance is kept to a minimum, while also reducing oil consumption.

Furthermore, the new model features an open combustion chamber design that allows the use of a low-pressure fuel system (1.5 to 5 psi / 10.2 to 34.5 kPa), which optimises performance on pipeline natural gas. Multiple NOx emissions settings are available too, including 500 mg/Nm3 (1.0 gm/bhp-hr) and 250 mg/Nm3 (0.5 g/bhp-hr).

The plaform’s new long-stroke engine design features high-compression ratio steel pistons, a high-efficiency turbocharger and electrical generator. For applications isolated from a primary electric utility, the G3512H offers industry-leading load acceptance capabilities.

The major overhaul period of the G3512H is 80,000 hours, plus an in-frame maintenance interval at 40,000 hours – the same as that of the 2MWe G3516H and 2.5MWe G3520H.

Nigel Thompson, Sales Manager – Gas Power Solutions at Finning, said: “Built on the legacy of the proven G3500 generator set platform, the new H series is easily tailored to specific applications with a wide selection of Cat SR5 generators and attachments, premium controls, exhaust options, remote annunciator modules and battery chargers.

“Offering a robust power source that is easy to install and commission, and as the sole supplier of Cat engines in the UK and Ireland, we are pleased to offer this efficient new product line in the highly-successful H series.”