UK focused Cat® 313FL GC excavator

Thursday, March 12 th, 2015

Digger Man blogger Nick Drew tests the 313FL GC 

The new Cat® 313F L GC hydraulic excavator is designed for the user whose bottom line depends on reliable performance at a low cost per hour.

The machine features an efficient Cat C3.4B engine that meets US EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IIIB emission standards and that’s light on fuel with no need for diesel exhaust fluid. It has a proven one-pump hydraulic system that makes everyday tasks like light excavating, spreading top soil, setting utilities, and fine grading floors easy to do. It also comes equipped with unique features like a stout and stable long undercarriage, a quiet and comfortable full size Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) cab, and uncomplicated and easy to reach service points that will please operators and mechanics.

Cat 313FL GC walkaround 

Engine and hydraulics

The 313F L GC’s 70 horsepower (52 kW) engine provides all the power needed to run the machine’s hydraulic system. Fuel conscious owners will like the choice of high power and economy modes to actively manage fuel consumption; they will also like the engine idle shutdown feature that stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval, which helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions and also extends service intervals and contributes to higher resale value by eliminating idle time from the hour meter.

The machine’s new and simple hydraulic system delivers ample and reliable power for digging, lifting, and attachment use. The load-sense pump and main control valve calculate exact work demands—all to deliver the stick and bucket force needed to get work done with low owning and operating costs. For added machine versatility, the 313F L GC can be equipped with high- and medium-pressure hydraulic circuits along with a quick coupler to handle a range of Cat buckets and work tools.

Structures and linkage

The 313F L GC’s structures are designed for a lifetime of durable service. The upper frame uses specially designed mountings to support the ROPS cab, and the lower frame is reinforced for added strength. The machine’s heavy-duty undercarriage provides a generous track-on-ground dimension for a stable work platform, and the sleekly contoured 2.70-ton (2.45-mt) counterweight adds precise balance for handling a range of applications. A selection of track shoes and blade options help tailor the machine to your specific applications.

Booms and sticks are heavy multi-plate fabrications using internal baffles and high-strength castings and forgings in high-stress areas such as the boom nose, boom foot, and stick foot. Front linkage pins use self-lubricated bearings to ensure long-lasting pivots that require less maintenance. The 15’3″ (4.65 m) boom can be used with either the 8’2″ (2.5 m) or 9’10” (3 m) stick.

Operator environment

The 313F L GC is quiet inside and out. The cab is sealed, insulated, and mounted with viscous pads to reduce noise. (A bolt-on falling-objects guard structure—FOGS—is available). The seat is mechanical suspension with full adjustability. Joystick controllers are adjustable and provide controls for auxiliary hydraulics. An easy-to-read monitor remembers hydraulic settings for up to 10 work tools, and it’s programmable in 42 languages. An automatic climate control system maintains constant temperatures and airflow. Ample glass gives great views out front and to the side, and a large rear window provides excellent visibility out back.


The simplicity of the 313F L GC’s design contributes to its low owning and operating costs. The machine features a pilot manifold in the valve block to eliminate the need for a pilot pump, filter, or lines. The fuel system and manual priming pump also reduce the need for multiple filters, and the engine’s diesel particulate filter is compact and maintenance free. Wide service doors provide plenty of access to cooling, pump, and engine compartments, and everyday maintenance points are reachable at ground level.


Cat LINK Technologies, available for the 313F L GC, are integrated into the machine’s monitoring system and are designed to help users improve overall fleet management. Events and diagnostic codes as well as information and capabilities such as hours, fuel consumption, idle time, machine location, and geo-fencing are transmitted to a secure web-based application called VisionLink®, allowing both the machine owner and dealer access to critical machine data.