New CAT® 340F UHD at Bauma

Friday, April 15 th, 2016

The new Cat® 340F UHD (Ultra High Demolition) hydraulic excavator, is designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, and will be distributed through the Cat dealer network. Engineered for high-reach demolition work, the new model has up to 22 meters of vertical pin height and is capable of handling loads up to 3.6 tonnes at a 15-meter horizontal reach. Operating weights range from 44100 to 50400 kg, depending on front and undercarriage configuration, and a new boom coupling system allows quickly configuring the front to the task. A range of available work tools ensures optimum versatility and jobsite efficiency, and the operator’s environment is designed for optimum safety and comfort.

Structures/Fronts/Work tools

The 340F UHD main structures—upper and lower mainframes, booms, sticks, and track-roller frames—are purpose-built for long term durability in demolition applications. Undercarriage components—chains, rollers, idlers, and track shoes—are built of high strength steel, and grease lubricated chains prolong pin and bushing life, resist the intrusion of dirt and debris, and reduce travel noise. The long undercarriage (5040 mm of track on ground) is available in both fixed gauge (2590 mm) and variable gauge (2390 mm to 2820 mm) configurations.

Using the boom coupling system, the operator can easily install and remove high reach or short front components, and a new hydraulic pinning system locks components together. A short boom nose can be positioned in either a bent or straight position and can be fitted with three available stick lengths. Available quick couplers facilitate rapid work tool changes, and the 340F UHD tool control system stores hydraulic pressures and flows for up to 20 tools, allowing instant adjustment of these parameters for optimum performance.


The 340F UHD C9.3 ACERT™ engine meets EU Stage IV emission standards and has a net power rating of 228 kW (310 PS). The engine has three power modes—high, standard, and eco—to assist operators in controlling fuel consumption, and an engine speed controller automatically reduces engine speed in light load situations. In addition, an auto idle shutdown system stops the engine after a preset idling interval.

The implement hydraulic system delivers a maximum flow of 570 L/min. at a relief pressure of 35000 kPa, and in heavy lift mode, system pressure increases to 38000 kPa for added power. Maximum drawbar pull is 285 kN, providing optimum tractive effort and gradeability in all working situations.

Operator’s Environment/Technology

In high reach applications, the 340F UHD cab can be tilted back to provide the operator an optimal ergonomic position, and an enlarged top window offers enhanced upward visibility. The demolition type cab incorporates P5A reinforced windshield and top glass, and parallel wipers keep large glass areas clean. Front and top falling object guard structures (FOGS) provide added protection.

For operator comfort and convenience, an automatic climate control system maintains consistent cab temperatures, and heated/cooled seats are available. Joystick controllers and armrests adjust for operator preference, and the LCD monitor is programmable in 42 languages.

The Cat active stability monitoring system continuously informs the operator of work tool position within the safe working envelope and provides a warning when stability limits are approached. In addition, a standard rearview camera provides crisp images on the monitor.

LINK technologies like the Product Link™ system wirelessly connects owners to their equipment, providing access to valuable machine data such as location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events, and diagnostic codes for analysis and reporting via the online VisionLink® user interface. LINK information assists with fact based decision making to help increase efficiency and lower owning and operating costs.


Routine maintenance items, such as grease points, fluid taps, filters, and drain tubes, can be reached from ground level. Well placed handrails, anti-skid surfaces on steps and walkways, and countersunk fasteners enhance safe access onto the machine.

Mesh screens fitted on the 340F UHD side doors reduce the prospect of coolers being clogged with debris, and QuickEvac™ drains for the hydraulic system and engine oil are located in the pump compartment. S·O·SSM fluid sampling ports for the hydraulic, engine oil, and coolant systems allow collecting viable samples from circulating systems, and grouped pressure check ports allow quickly checking system pressures.