Finning releases Cat® C12.9 Supercharged Marine Diesel Engine in UK

Pleasure craft customers looking to cut both costs and emissions without sacrificing high performance need look no further than the fuel-efficient Cat® C12.9 marine diesel engine, newly available in the UK through Finning Power Systems.  


The C12.9 will be available in both 850 mhp @ 2300 rpm and 1000 mhp @ 2300 rpm iterations, with the latter making the C12.9 an industry leader in power density.   

The C12.9 is designed to provide customers with high engine performance characteristics from a small footprint, while still meeting all existing environmental regulations. Importantly, the engine is backed by the global Cat dealer network and comes with extensive after-sales support from Finning.   

The new engine uses innovative fuel and air management techniques to comply with United States EPA Tier 3, IMO II, and CCNR Stage II emission regulations.    

In its turbocharged variant, the new C12.9 offers up to 850 mhp made possible by advancements in second-generation common rail technology as well as an expertly designed air management system. The engine’s small envelope and high power output make it the ideal choice for any yachtsman looking for big results from a compact package.   

The turbo-supercharged version of the C12.9 is unsurpassed in power density. This allows its 1000 mhp to be applied in vessels previously restricted to smaller, less powerful engines due to restrictions on the available engine room space.       

The instantaneous boost provided by the supercharger means that visible exhaust emissions, turbocharger lag, and slow acceleration are a thing of the past as the C12.9’s electro-magnetic clutch maximises the available boost pressure. As the turbocharger spools up, the supercharger disengages, ensuring the most powerful and fuel efficient operation of the engine from low idle to full throttle operation.   

Even servicing the C12.9 is effortless thanks to the left or right hand service options, while plenty of electricity can be made available by the optional 175 amp alternator installed for vessels with large direct current consumption.