Rebuild Take 2 - Back to site

In our previous edition of Finning News, we visited a Cat® 826H compactor, just before it left the Enovert operated landfill site in Haford, near Wrexham, to undergo a UK rst Finning rebuild. A few months later we caught up with the unit back onsite, to nd out how it was performing and learn more about the experience from Ian Craven, North West area manager for Enovert and veteran operator Alan Jones. 

Ian: “We purchased the Cat® 826H as a new unit a number of years ago, with a service and maintenance package from Finning. This meant we had a complete record of all the work that had been carried out over its lifetime and the 14,000 hours it has been working on the site. Throughout this time our operator Alan, affectionately known at Buster, has been the main driver of the machine. This has also been beneficial, as his knowledge of its performance is second to none. 

“When we recognised that the machine was coming to the end of its first life, we had the
choice of buying a new one or rebuilding this unit. Financially, there was a big difference between the two options, with the rebuild being far cheaper. But for the team, I think the most important part of the decision-making process was having the confidence that we would get a machine back, that was capable of doing another 10,000 hours or more. 

“So for us, it was all about understanding what would go into the rebuild and what benefit we already had from the work previously carried out on the unit. As part of this process, we visited the local Finning Winsford branch, where the main rebuild would take place, and its specialist engine and transmission rebuild centre in Leeds. 

“With the engine and transmission being the heart of the machine, it was important
 to understand the process and testing that went into the rebuild. Both the engine and transmission testing bays were demonstrated to us and with these specialist facilities, each unit could be loaded and operated, ensuring things like the seals were working effectively. This is particularly important when you have a primary machine working in such a harsh environment. 

“Following the visits, we sat down with Finning and worked through the rebuild process, to ensure we had the right balance of necessary work and
available budget. To manage the site whilst the rebuild was taking place, we moved a similar Cat® 826H, available from another site, up to Haford. This eliminated the need to hire in another unit and kept the site fully operational for the period of works.” 

Having left the site in early February 2018, the rebuilt unit was back in action at the end of May, with Buster taking the operator role once more. Finning news recently caught up with him onsite to get his impressions of the revitalised old machine, he knew so well. Buster: “One of the first things I noticed, apart from the newly refurbished cab, was the additional pushing power the unit had. 

"With the engine and transmission overhaul it was obvious that overall power and hydraulic performance had been increased. This in-turn made operating the unit that little bit easier, as it’s now able to push better. As we have an older Cat® 826H compactor onsite, similar to what the unit was before its rebuild, you can also notice the difference in performance when they are working together. 

"So even though I know it is still the original ‘old girl’ at the core, she has certainly changed for the better and I am sure she will give me another 10,000 hours or more”. 

With a few weeks of operation now successfully completed, Enovert’s attention is turning to the rest of the Cat® 826H compactor fleet, to see whether these units are fit for a new life.