Thomas Bros Excavations Look at Their Brand New Cat 329E Ultra High Demolition Excavator



Finning News caught up with Thomas Bros Excavations to take a look at their brand new Cat® 329E Ultra High Demolition (UHD) Excavator. We spoke to Director Andrew Burton, at their site in North London, where Thomas Bros Excavations is demolishing West Drayton police station to make way for residential properties.

Andrew: We’ve had the Cat 329E UHD for around 6 weeks now; it is the 11th edition to our Cat fleet and it’s the largest machine of its kind currently in operation in the UK. We were in talks with Finning prior to this project getting underway, as we needed a machine with increased versatility and extra reach. The Cat 329E was the perfect choice as the boom and stick reaches a height of 20m.

“Due to the location of the project, we’re required to demolish the site in quite a tight timeframe, which means it was essential for us to be able to change attachments and work tools quickly and safely. With the hook system incorporated on the boom and stick, our operators are able to change tools in a matter of minutes.”