Inclusion at Finning


Our Inclusion Journey

We are on a journey to build safe, talented and inclusive teams by embedding diversity in all that we do. Guided by regional and global employee inclusion and diversity councils, we are focusing on how diversity enhances the experience of our employees, our customers, our shareholders, our Caterpillar relationship and the communities we live and work in. ​

Inclusion is a shared responsibility that drives our strategy to develop, perform and innovate. Being a global leader necessitates inclusive behaviours that diversify talent, drive engagement, and ultimately deliver better outcomes for key stakeholders. ​

In this context, we define diverse talent to be inclusive of individuals embracing our infinite differences including gender identity, gender expression, race, national and ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital and family status, and physical or mental ability. We are committed to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone feels safe, valued, and a sense of belonging. Finning employs a clear accountability framework, strategy, and roadmap of actions to drive in all regions where we operate.

Read more on our policy on respect, inclusion and diversity here.

Board Diversity

Finning is proud to have a board diversity policy and commitment that not less than 30% of our board is represented by women . Our current board composition has us surpassing our goal with four of our twelve board members being female.

Community Alignment

To demonstrate our commitment to inclusion and diversity as an organization, Finning lends its support to several initiatives, including:

The 30% Club, a global campaign that aims to develop a diverse pool of talent for all businesses whose c-suite members are committed to greater gender balance at all levels of their organizations;

The Catalyst Canada Accord, that encourages corporate Canada to increase representation of women on boards of directors and in executive positions and set the pace of change for business leadership in Canada; and

The Minerva Diversity Pledge, through which CEOs from companies in British Columbia, Canada commit to creating opportunities that support women’s advancement in leadership roles.