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Combined Heat and Power Solutions 

Conventional electricity generation, where a vast amount of heat is wasted, is typically only 40% fuel-efficient.

In contrast, combined heat and power (CHP) applications generate electricity whilst also capturing usable heat that is produced in the process, increasing efficiency to over 75%.

Finning has a global reputation for developing CHP solutions that are durable, economic and reliable. We use highly efficient heat exchangers to harvest heat from the engine block water jacket, oil coolers and exhaust gases to produce hot water or steam. This can then be used for heating, absorption chilling or other processes.

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CHP Guide - Paper & Pulp Industry

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District Heating

District heating schemes, where heat is supplied from a central source directly to homes and businesses through a network of pipes carrying hot water are gaining in popularity as a highly efficient means of generating heat.

Cogeneration is often added in parallel with the boilers to generate heat and electricity simultaneously, often providing up to 90% of the heat required.

We have experience of designing, packaging and commissioning CHP packages for numerous district heating schemes, combining highly efficient Cat gas engines with our own engineering expertise, to deliver energy efficiencies as high as 80%.


Gas Generator Sets

Any size. In any regulatory environment. When you need power, Cat is equal to the challenge. Our generators are used in a variety of applications.

Case Studies

View previous examples of how Finning and Cat have provided sustainable power solutions across a variety of applications and industries.

White Papers

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