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Cat Standby & Prime Power Solutions

Power Solutions for your Business

Your business needs a continuous source of power to maintain productivity, so we make it our business to provide a wide choice of standby and prime power solutions.

During a mains outage, standby generators can automatically come online to ensure continuity of power supply; whether it’s for a few seconds, several hours or even days. From hospitals to processing plants, water treatment works to data centres, it's no wonder our range of Cat® diesel and gas generators are the preferred choice for emergency power in applications across the globe.

Prime power solutions are hard at work where there is no utility supply readily available and offer a highly cost-effective means of generating on-site power – from a lightweight, mobile unit to provide power to a construction site through to a permanent generator installation delivering electricity to large-scale municipal or industrial applications.

As the sole Cat dealer in the UK and Ireland, we offer the full range of quality diesel and gas powered Cat generator sets. Coupled with Finning's unbeatable knowledge, expertise and service, we can offer you a world-class power solution, whatever the application or operating conditions.

Diesel & Gas Generator Sets

Any size. In any regulatory environment. When you need power, Cat is equal to the challenge. Our generators are used in a variety of applications.

Case Studies

View previous examples of how Finning and Cat have provided sustainable power solutions across a variety of applications and industries.

White Papers

Download the latest white papers from Cat, providing information on new technologies as well as innovative solutions to power your business.