Ocean Going

Power Solutions for the Ocean Going Sector

Finning offers a range of Cat® and MaK marine propulsion solutions, auxiliary engines and packaged generator sets that provide reliable, cost-efficient power to the ocean going marine and shipping sector.

If you are in the business of generating revenue from either the movement of bulk solids or liquids, containers, cargo or the carriage of passengers, you need your vessel to arrive at its destination safely, on time and with the lowest operating costs possible.

Your engine's fuel consumption coupled with maximising every inch of available space on board are therefore of prime importance. That's why all of our propulsion and on-board power solutions are engineered to deliver economic performance and high reliability – whether it's an auxiliary generator set for an intercontinental container ship or a main propulsion engine for a feeder vessel working the smaller ports around the UK.

Marine Engines

Caterpillar is the marine industry's leading provider of medium and high speed marine engines, generator sets and auxiliary engines. Manufacturing both the Cat® and MaK brands, we are committed to meeting your requirements regardless of vessel size or sector.

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Extended Warranty

Warranty that provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment is in safe hands.

Response, Repair & Rebuild

Finning's comprehensive customer service and support is tailored around your needs. 


Cat ®Finance can help you get your marine equipment at a price that fits your operation’s needs.