Propulsion Solutions

For all your Propulsion Needs

Finning can engineer a wide range of propulsion solutions and bespoke power packages that match your vessel’s operation and your business requirements, both now and for the future.

With extensive experience across the entire range of Cat® marine products, we can integrate your main engine with your vessel’s propulsion system perfectly. So whether you use propellers, heavy-duty thrusters or water jets we can bespoke-design the complete engine and propulsion system to work with high efficiency, uptime and reliability; saving you both the time and expense of using multiple suppliers.

Bespoke Packages

As well as engine and propulsion packages and the provision of diesel-electric power from our portfolio of Cat products, Finning offers a host of options to support your vessel’s engines and other on-board requirements.

This can include fuel preparation equipment, engine cooling systems, lubrication, fuel separation and filtration, exhaust systems, compressed air for engine starting and other safety mechanisms and electrical distribution systems.

You also benefit from our team of dedicated marine engineers in the UK and the global Cat network available anywhere in the world to ensure that your vessel’s propulsion, power and essential support functions won’t let you down.