Dynamic Gas Blending

Your Duel-Fuel Dynamic Advantage

With global demands to reduce gas flaring increasing, Finning offers the unique Cat® Dynamic Gas Blending technology for drilling and production engines.

This technology enables existing diesel engines to run on up to 70% gas, saving fuel, reducing emissions and lowering operating costs. It also has the capability to adapt to incoming fuel quality and pressure, enabling engines to run on a wide variety of fuel sources, from associated gas to gasified LNG.

Available for Retrofit

If you retrofit your existing equipment, you will get all the benefits of Dynamic Gas Blending plus the advantages of a complete package, including full warranty coverage and genuine parts.


Cat Dynamic Gas Blending Features

  • Reduces gas flaring - minimising environmental impact
  • Continuously modulates gas substitution under all transient loading, optimising fuel savings
  • Accepts up to 55% inerts
  • Requires no calibration when equipment is moved or gas supply changes
  • Lowers fuel costs with up to 70% of diesel being replaced by gas
  • Maintain existing service intervals and prolongs component life
  • ADEM TMA4 and EMCP 4.4 controls increase display and diagnostic performance


Oil & Gas Engines

Cat diesel technology, proven in thousands of installations worldwide, offers low-speed operation for long engine life and uninterruptable power.

Dynamic Gas Blending Brochure

Cat DGB is optimised to handle variations in fuel quality and engine operating conditions. You save fuel and your diesel power and transient performance is consistently maintained.