CAT® Hydraulic Cylinder Housing: Reseal

Finning Self Service Repair Options

Up to 85% of hydraulic cylinder failures can be traced to contamination. Efficiency losses usually occur slowly and can reach 20% before the operator detects a loss in performance. Proper maintenance of worn hydraulic cylinders can reduce system contamination and improve machine performance/up-time. This proper maintenance prior to a major failure will lead to longer hydraulic system component life and a lower owning and operating cost. Cat hydraulic cylinders are ready for installation and are designed for the specific Cat machine function and application. This feature, when combined with exclusive Cat Hydraulic Cylinder Seals, will extend cylinder life and provide superior productivity performance in many applications.

Warning Signs

Watch for these common repair indicators

  • Excessive Drifting
  • Leaking
  • Increased Cycle Times
  • Reduced Cylinder Speed
  • Damaged Cylinder
  • Productivity decreased
  • Contaminated hydraulic oil
  • Damaged hydraulic cylinder seals

Elements of the Hydraulic Cylinder – Reseal Self-Service Option

Recommended Parts List:

Repair Instructions:

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Recommended Tooling List:

Additional Options:

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