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Award Winning Telematics Software

Get a unified view of health, location and productivity for the entire fleet, regardless of your fleet size or the manufacturer of your equipment.

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Turn Challenges Into Opportunities with VisionLink

Increase Productivity

  • Improve utilisation by knowing if, when, where and how every asset is being used
  • Bid and schedule projects more accurately
  • Manage your entire fleet and jobsite via one interface

Control Costs

  • Monitor and reduce idle time and fuel burn
  • Eliminate assets that aren’t earning their keep
  • Manage service to avoid downtime

Improve Operators

  • Improve operator performance to identify training opportunities
  • Compare individuals’ productivity and idle time numbers to motivate improvement

Run a Safe Operation

  • Know when unsafe actions occur, even when you’re not there
  • Act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training opportunities

Through a Role-specific Suite of Applications

Fleet Management

Manage fleet location and ensure assets are fueled and operating.

  • Location
  • Hours
  • Idle time
  • Fuel utilisation
  • Asset status and operation

Maintenance Management

Manage equipment health, plan downtime for maintenance and ensure inspections are documented.

  • Equipment health
  • Fault codes
  • Fluid analysis
  • Inspections documentation
  • Maintenance functions

Productivity Management

Ensure machines are being operated at optimum efficiency. Measure and track payloads and volume.

  • Utilisation
  • Payload and volume
  • Cycle monitoring
  • Project productivity
  • Consolidated view

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