Power Systems Technology

Whether your application is Power Generation, Marine Power, Petroleum, or Oil & Gas, you likely share common challenges: you want to control costs, improve performance, manage people, and reduce your risk. Finning can help you find the right combination of services and technologies to achieve your business goals and boost your bottom line.

Remote Fleet Vision

Created specifically for Oil and Gas, Industrial and Marine applications, Remote Fleet Vision allows you to locate, track and manage all your assets with just a few clicks - no matter location or equipment brand.

Remote Fleet Vision (RFV) enables you to monitor critical equipment issues, decrease downtime due to repairs, minimize repair/ maintenance costs, maintain safety equipment practices, visit equipment only when needed and diagnose problems before permanent damage occurs.

Remote Asset Monitoring

Specifically tailored for Electric Power applications, Remote Asset Monitoring allows you to track productivity, fuel usage, power usage, functionality, and maintenance - anytime, anywhere.

Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) enables you to access web-based jobsite maps, remote start/ stop gensets, obtain equipment and operations data, receive alerts via text or email, along with the capability of monitoring mixed fleet applications.

Condition Monitoring

Designed specifically for Power Systems, our Condition Monitoring service leverages cutting-edge dashboard technology to vigilantly supervise your engines. It pinpoints potential issues with the equipment, minimizing downtime, and mitigating the risk of failure. This is achieved through actionable recommendations, ensuring the smooth operation of your power systems.

Condition Monitoring for Energy and Transportation provides customers the invaluable benefit of time. It serves as a vigilant observer, continuously scrutinizing your equipment for any anomalies or potential faults. This allows you to focus on other essential tasks, while ensuring your machines operate at their peak efficiency.

Support Support

The Finning Technology Support team are dedicated experts who work with your team to ensure these systems operate at peak performance, providing safety, efficiency, and site optimization at all times.

Customers benefit from our support by experiencing improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced safety protocols, and superior site optimization—all leading to increased productivity and profitability while allowing them to focus on their core mining operations with the assurance that their technology is expertly supported.

Training Training

Our comprehensive training program covers the entire suite of products.

It is tailored to specific job roles, aiming to enhance users' effectiveness and efficiency in their daily tasks, while providing flexible scheduling options to boost productivity, efficiency, and safety within your operations.

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