Finning Managed Services

Finning Managed Solutions

If you want to optimise the overall performance of operations on site, Finning Managed Solutions (FMS) can help. Made up of a specialist team of experts from Finning UK & Ireland, the FMS team is supported by the global expertise of our partner Caterpillar®. This allows us to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop and execute a high performance plan for an individual site or project. 

From fleet selection to end of life disposal, FMS monitors site conditions and operator performance. Focusing on continuous improvement to drive the lowest operational costs. A shared accountability for your fleets' overall health and productivity performance will allow you to realise the maximum return on your investment.

Maximise your Operations

Finning Managed Solutions integrates all aspects of asset health and performance monitoring provided by EMSolutions' Levels 1-5. With a complete 5 stage package, FMS enables you to create a tailored managed solution focused on productivity, safety, sustainability and financial design.

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Your performance plan will include a unique mix of Finning Managed Solutions and Caterpillar capabilities enabled by industry-leading technologies.


A combination of new, used, rebuilt and non Cat equipment — safely operated, closely monitored and maintained by qualified technicians.


Working in partnership we will create a safer environment and achieve best practice through monitoring site conditions and operator behaviour, delivering on-site training and communicating shared safety values.


We will conduct an in depth analysis of your site in order to fully understand its operational requirements and your productivity targets. Using historical data and taking into account future objectives we will work with you to design and manage your optimum equipment lifecycle and production monitoring solution.

An assessment of your existing fleet allows us to advise you on suitability and any opportunities to reduce fuel use and emissions, whilst extending component life. Where possible we will seek to maintain existing assets and extend their life and performance through repair and rebuild.


We understand that your business may face specific challenges due to a need for cost certainty and budgeting to maximise cash flow. Our flexible approach to meeting these needs ensures we always find the right solution for you.


Finning Managed Solutions

Find out more about our 6-step approach:

  • Engage
  • Listen
  • Design
  • Align
  • Deploy
  • Execute

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