Site Surveying and Design

Lessen Rework and Streamline Your Surveying and Design Process

Increasing the accuracy and speed of the surveying and design process is one of the simplest ways to fast track a project.  By streamlining this complex and critical part of any construction job, you can better match equipment to the jobsite task, starting the process of fleet optimisation before machines are even brought to site. By combining survey data with 3D design models and machine control, you can also increase the efficiency and productivity of a site, moving the right amount of material, at the right location, while logging the work in real-time.

With advanced survey and design solutions now linking with high definition imagery and data from GPS linked equipment on the jobsite and drones in the air, there has never been a better opportunity to optimise a project.

So why not talk to one of our consultants about these and other services we offer: 

Airware Geospatial Drone Analytics

Drone Surveying and Analytics

Imagery and data captured from the use of drones is transforming the way jobsites are surveyed and designed. Drone based solutions survey with a 350X higher survey resolution and up to 50X faster than traditional methods.

Depending on the jobsite complexity and reporting requirements, our drone team can capture data and imagery, automating reports for a whole range of tasks, like stockpile management, haul road maintenance, cut and fill balances and much more.

With 24/7 cloud-based access, drone information can be made available to all project stakeholders. 

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SITECH Site Positioning and GNSS Surveying

SITECH Survey and Site Positioning

Our Global Navigation Satellite System solutions provided by SITECH, provide highly accurate results, with information processed quickly, using Trimble software, data from SITECH supported equipment will lower your overall cost of surveying.

Explore SITECH Site Positioning

Trimble Business Centre

Trimble Business Centre & Connected Community

Trimble Business Center helps surveyors design and interrogate 3D earthworks models, allowing them to plan and record project progress and deliver full data traceability, throughout a project's lifecycle.

Using Business Centre – HCE, 3D site information can be sent directly to your SITECH/Trimble enabled machines, using the GPS enabled Trimble Connected Community (TCC). This technology enables your surveyors to upload models directly into connected machines, no matter where they are located. So surveyors no longer have to visit the jobsite to upload a change to the model, and stakes in the ground are a thing of the past, as TCC connects everyone on the job  project stakeholders. 

Learn more about Trimble software from SITECH 

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