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Our Power Systems team is a leading provider of power and energy systems. Our technical expertise, integrated support services, innovation, and global reach allow us to provide the highest value for our customers, opportunity for employees, and return for shareholders.

Our strength lies in our unrivalled customer service and our ability to meet the needs of a unique wide range of customers. Let us be your comprehensive resource for Electric Power Generation, Marine Power, Petroleum/Oil and Gas, and Truck Engine installations. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. 

Innovative Power

Power efficiency and sustainability are goals of most operations that have traditionally required compromise of one or the other – until now. Finning Power System innovations supported by Cat® technology are leading the way to reliable, efficient and sustainable power solutions. Here is a showcase of some of our innovative power initiatives:


Sustainable Power for Drilling Rigs

Finning is excited to be working with Tourmaline Oil, Precision Drilling and Emissions Reduction Alberta to address the issue of rig power efficiency and sustainability. We are working towards taking away the reliance on diesel fuel by converting to a 100% natural gas power solution and adding battery storage capability.

Unplugged CNG

CNG Remote Site Power Solutions

Remote sites have many logistical issues to contend with logistically with economically viable power supply being one of the highest priorities. Often remote sites will have access to a raw source of natural gas which becomes the fuel for the Clean Energy Compression Unplugged CNG system and provides the raw fuel to supply reliable power without any need to access diesel fuel from far away.


CHP Power Solutions to Reduce GHG

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is continuing its commitment to environmental sustainability by powering up a new natural gas combined heat and power (CHP) facility that will significantly lower carbon emissions and reduce costs. Finning worked with EIA and their partners to create a customized CHP power solution specific to their goals and needs.

Equipment Management Solutions

Cat's Equipment Management Solutions can lower your operating costs and maximize your performance. Let us show you how.

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